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Golden Rae Coaching uses a co-active coaching style. Take this journey with me and together we will lay out your goals and find actions to get the improvements you desire. Part of my tool belt of skills used to help facilitate you includes my empathic nature and my HSP (highly sensitive person) characteristics.

As the "client" in coaching, you get to completely set the agenda--- any facet of your sex or gendered life in which you seek improvement, enhancement or expansion.  My job will be to guide us toward a jointly-constructed action-plan that's designed to move you toward your goals and desires.


Sex Coaching is about enrichment, and about removing obstacles to your sexual enjoyment and your gender expression. This is different than sex therapy, which entails psychological work to diagnose and address sexual pathology.



Most Common Concerns:

·Gender Identity 

·Desire to explore alternative sexualities  

·Body image or dysphoria issues

·Orgasm difficulties

·Painful sex or Low libido  

·Sexless relationships/ conflicts around uneven desire

·Social dating skills

·Sexual Trauma

·Desire for enhanced pleasure

·Sacred Sexuality

Working with me includes a combination of coaching, education, activities, meditation and self-understanding practices. Your part is a commitment to yourself, to doing the exercises, activities and taking inspiration action, which is an integral part  of  opening to yourself, getting to your core and beginning the integration process. By working through this process, you began to take care of yourself, listening to your deeper self, which gives you wonderful feedback and the ability to start to shape your true image and develop the authentic self that you have been searching for all of your life. 

Through this enlightening approach, all of the boxes, rules, and labels are thrown out of the window and Magic happens!  


Together, we can work in an atmosphere of understanding, caring, and commitment,  where you can open yourself up to all the possibilities of your wondrous self!




Are you ready to begin your Journey?


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