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Purple Stars

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Activating SuperNovas : Stars on Full Blast

Start your profound journey of discovering your deeper self, removing the conditioning & limitations the world has placed upon you, going deep within, being open minded with yourself, being a witness to yourself & telling your parts that they are allowed to exist, are valid and have permission to grow and evolve.  

This allows acceptance of what is true for you in this present moment, and this can create Positive shifts in every area of your life.  When in Balance and when activated, has the ability to catapult your success with your true Authentic Self-Essence.

Working with me includes a combination of coaching, education, activities, visualization and self-understanding practices. Your part is a commitment to yourself, to doing the curated exercises, activities and taking inspiration action, which is an integral part  of  opening to yourself, getting to your core and beginning the integration process. In relationships, I can help you understand your partner and dynamic better as to further the communication and deepness that can be achieved. 

By working through this process, you began to take care of yourself, listening to your deeper self, which gives you wonderful feedback and the ability to start to shape your true image and develop the authentic self that you have been searching for all of your life.



Rae of Golden-RAE Coaching is a Multi-Dimensional Harmonizer, Galactic Vector, Indigo Earth Guardian and Starseed Coach. Specialties include being a Golden Light & Plasma Weaver building Geometric light structures of Protection, Shadow Work, Parts-Work of to understand the components of yourself, Elemental Communicator, Etheric Activator, TimeLine Perception and Spiritual Response Therapy that clears energies, programs and past lives.

Relationship & Sex Coaching is finding that enrichment and removing obstacles to your present enjoyment and fulfilling relationship to create your satisfied future by being more authentic and loving to your deeper self.

This is different than therapy, which entails psychological work to diagnose and address pathology that stims from your past- Yeah- NOT that!


You get to set the agenda -- any facet of in which you seek improvement, enhancement or expansion, or if you feel stuck, confused and unsure, unsupported or generally lost, please reach out!


Most Common Concerns:

*Relationship Challenges

*Gender Identity 

*Desire to explore sexuality

*Body image or dysphoria issues

*Desire or orgasm difficulties

*Physical, Mental or Emotional blocks to intimacy


*Resolve relationship conflicts 

*Exploring Yourself Authentically-Gender / Sexuality

*Finding/Feeling balance within yourself

*Deeper Self-Connection leads to better external relationships

*Allowing & Trusting yourself to look after your best interests

*Improve Social dating skills

*Resolve Internal conflicts 

*Healing from Trauma

*Learning Self-regulation and Co-regulation

*Giving yourself permission to have Enhanced Pleasure in Life

*Learn the Sacred Sexuality within each of us

Sex & Relationship Coaching

Begin your Journey Now &

 Bloom in Your Life!

​Book a complimentary phone consultation 


Rae isn't just a coach; they are a transformational guide dedicated to helping you live authentically and wholeheartedly.


By focusing on self-awareness and heart-centered living, Rae empowers you to lead a life that's not only successful but also genuinely yours.

Embark on this transformative journey with Rae and unlock the door to your best life.


First lets talk labels

Then lets throw all the boxes away

Strip away the outer 

Allowing presence to Enter the Inner

Temple that is your Heart

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