My Personal Journey


I consider myself non-binary with balanced masculine/ feminine energy.  I was assigned female at birth  (AFAB) who identified more as a demiboy, but I spent most of my adult life as a lesbian.  I'm lesbian- phoric, focused on lesbians for my romantic love relationships. Trans also speaks to my labels because I did not identified with my assigned sex at birth, which is the basic definition of trans. You don't have to move all the way to the other gendered box to be trans, you only need to liberate yourself from the box that you were forced to play in society. 


Releasing control and  viewing things from a different perspective,  is the easiest way to true happiness.  Authenticity springs from the  heart. Integrating heart with will, emotions and actions supports you in  true expression. This combination sets your soul's purpose into motion here on this Earth.


As much as I wanted to  run towards the finish line so that my happiness could begin...  I had to go at a authentic slower pace to find truth in each and  every choice and decision.

Transition is a difficult process, the physical part is only a small portion compared to the entire journey. It's like one of those iceberg pictures where you see a tiny bit of it sticking out of the water but the real, entire iceberg is gigantic, unseen underneath the water.

It took patience, strength, and courage to not rush it. What I found is that bypassing always catches up to you and mental and emotional challenges can and do surface. Through challenging yet rewarding personal work, I was able let all sides of me shine in society.  


So if you are feeling confused and don't know what to do, contact me. Because I understand this journey, I can help coach you through it. Together we will lay out your goals and find actions to get the improvements you desire. 



My career has traveled around biology, wildlife, research science and sexology. Highlights: 

Sex Coaching and Sexology


  • I am a proud graduate of SCU- Sex Coach U as of April 2020. It took me two years to complete this stout program that included in-depth personal journey, and practical business application studies.

Marine biology


  • Raising fuzzy baby king penguins from eggs collected in the Antarctic 

  • Working in a rainforest pyramid, interacting with many amazing exotic species

  • Living on a river boat traveling the Amazon, studying the rainforest during the flooded season

  • Living in Belize, where the ocean meets the jungle, bottle feeding orphans baby manatees 

10 years as a Scientific Researcher


  •  Published Author in 7 peer reviewed scientific journals

  • Worked at the Marine Biomedical Institute developing and analyzing the chemical makeup of certain neuronal precursors of stem cells

  • Spent 8 years researching preventative and therapeutic microbicides for STIs

  • For the past 7 years, I have owned my own Scientific Evidence Specialist & Medical Writing consulting business for medical devices, per safety and performance regulations the European Union

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