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Liberate Yourself from the box(es) that you were forced to play in society.  Boxes and Labels are only good up to a point, but then need to be set aside for growth, authenticity and expansion.


Releasing control and viewing things from a different perspective, is the easiest way to true happiness.  Authenticity springs from the heart, thus integrating heart with will, emotions and actions, supports you in true expression. This combination sets your soul's purpose into motion here on this Earth.

Wondering if what parts of transition are right for you can be a difficult and confusing process, especially when coming out after being steeped in numerous layers of social expectations- such as coming out at an older age, or in a conservative area, or small town.  

Realize that the physical part is only a small portion compared to the entire inner journey of breaking out of social constructs and religious overtones, gendered roles and cis-heteronormative structures- this is an Inside job and I can be your guide and cheerleader

During my journey, As much as I wanted to run towards the finish line (that was laid in all the "helpful structures" of society's benchmark of success *such as passing) so that my Happiness could begin...  I had an spiritual epiphany and deep guidance to go at a slower pace to find Authentic truth in each and every choice and decision. And then to guide others to do the same. 

It's like one of those iceberg pictures where you see a tiny bit of it sticking out of the water but the real, entire iceberg is gigantic, unseen underneath the water. Well, that's the Internal you, and its Multifaceted, complex, layered and BEAUTIFUL.

It took patience, strength, and courage to not rush it, because if you plow forward, you end up not catching the very Breath that you are Seeking. I found is that bypassing always catches up to you and mental and emotional  and spiritual challenges can and do surface.  


Recently, I have seen a trend of folks rushing to endpoint of medical transition without understanding if that is truly your journey to take.

I have watched many in my community shoot far passed what's authentic for them, by being too fixated on a "sparkly fantasy goal-line that will magically fix their whole lives" is too prevalent of a social message in current times.

Then I have watched these folks, after a few more years of struggle and  by telling themself all should be well and to focus on your Pride (!) hit a wall by finding themselves --still unhappy-- and have to re-evaluate themself again, hopefully this time from their Heart center. But then they have to contend with possible unwanted side-effects or irreversible procedures.

Its best to go authentically slow, let yourself unfurrow naturally and get to know yourself deeply with love.


So if you are feeling confused, stuck, not sure what your next step should be, please contact me. I understand the journey of self exploration, and  I want to help guide you through it. Together we will lay out your goals and find actions to get the improvements you desire. 

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