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My Career has traveled around Biology, Wildlife, Research Science, Biotech, Medical Writing, Sexology and Spirituality.

Rae of Golden-RAE Coaching is a Authenticity and Ascension Coach, Internal Parts Works and Multi-Dimensional Harmonizer and Indigo Earth Guardian. Rae obtained their degree in Marine Biology at Texas A&M and then became a published Scientist/ Virologist/ Microbiologist. Rae has owned a successful Scientific Evidence Specialist Consulting business for a decade with prominent companies that create cutting- edge medical devices. 
In 2020 Rae expanded to be a Contemporary Relationship Instructor, Sexologist & Certified Sex Coach™




  • Graduate of Sex Coach U in April 2020. SCU was a two-year stout program that also included in-depth personal journey, and practical business application studies.

Sex Coaching and Sexology


  • European Union Medical Device Regulation & Clinical Evaluation Scientific Evidence Specialist

  • Published Author, in 7 peer reviewed scientific journals

  • Marine Biomedical Institute researching neural stem cell progenitors and growth factors

  • Spent 8 years researching  therapeutic and preventive compounds for infectious disease R&D, mainly for STIs & novel vaccines in microbiology, virology and immunology.  

  • Successful consulting business and sole-proprietor as a Scientific Evidence Specialist & Medical Writer with prominent corporate biotech & medical device companies

Scientific Researcher & Medical Writer

  • Raising fuzzy baby king penguins from eggs collected in the Antarctic 

  • Working in a rainforest pyramid, interacting with many amazing exotic species 

  • Living on a river boat traveling the Amazon, studying the rainforest

  • Living in Belize, where the ocean meets the jungle, bottle feeding orphans baby manatees and ocelot

Marine Biology

My Personal Journey
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Unraveling the Layers,

Unfolding, Unfurling

Deep down inside ~

Discovering, Uncovering

Aspects of Me

My Deep Spiritual Journey has brought me to a place of centered balanced comfort in my androgynous self with a deep commitment to living authentically with my Soul Mission of Activating Authenticity.

This journey has allowed me to embrace my unique blend of divine masculine, feminine, and unity energies, an ocean within me.  I've learned that seemingly opposing forces can coexist within us Simultaneously, enriching our personal experience.


From a young age, I gravitated more towards what society labeled as boyish behaviors, leading me to be recognized and accepted by my peers in a way that felt true to me. However, as I grew older, fitting into predefined social categories became more challenging. I navigated through life feeling different due to my neurodiversity and gender identity, which didn't align with societal expectations. To cope, I hid parts of my true self and adopted behaviors that allowed me to blend in, especially during my teenage years in a religious setting. Despite these efforts, I always felt out of place.

My desire to make a difference led me to become actively involved in various clubs and initiatives, particularly in advocating for women's rights in my conservative Texas hometown. Soccer became a significant part of my life in high school, where I embraced leadership as the team captain. College was a turning point for me, as I came out and found a sense of belonging within the LGBTQ+ community. This was a major step in understanding myself, but my journey of self-discovery and authenticity continued as I made 10,000 + decisions that aligned with my true self.

After years of deliberate choices and brave self-love, I embarked on a personal odyssey to discover my true essence, embracing every facet of my being—mental, physical, and spiritual. As souls we are here to keep expanding, so once I embraced my authentic self and discovered my core truth, I began a new chapter focused on personal growth and expansion.

To accept myself, I dedicated significant time to deep introspection, seeking a comprehensive understanding of my identity beyond the physical realm. Recognizing our bodies as vessels for our souls, I've connected with myself on a profound level, allowing me to manifest the most radiant aspects of my soul's nature. My cosmic heritage has inspired me to explore the vastness of creation in all directions and dimensions.

A recurring insight emerged in my journey: the importance of nurturing the feminine and inner child. In a beautiful paradox, it was through accepting my masculinity that I created a nurturing space for my feminine and thus my whole to flourish. Now, I stand in balance, embodying the full spectrum of divine masculinity and femininity, and I am deeply thankful for not restricting my potential.

If you're feeling lost or uncertain about your path, I invite you to reach out. I am familiar with the path of self-discovery and am eager to support you on your journey. Together, we will define your aspirations and take steps to achieve the growth you seek.


It's essential to progress authentically and patiently, allowing yourself to unfold naturally and cultivate a profound self-love.


Are you ready to begin your Journey?


Let's start making the changes you desire, in YOUR life?

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