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Golden Rae is here to provide you with the support, and guidance to help map out the path to your goals and provide you the tools needed in order to bring change based on authenticity, which helps you reach your pinnacle of success!

Explore Yourself and BE GOLDEN~

Rae Lee Stegall - Austin, Tx based: Sexologist & Certified Sex Coach, QTAP



 ~Lets Give ourselves permission to allow the deeper-truer-Self to Surface, be Seen and Shine~

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Authenticity Coaching from the Heart


Hi Beautiful Human!

I am so glad that you are here - I am here for YOU~

Let me guide you on a profound journey of discovering your deeper self, under all the conditioning and limits the world has placed upon you. 

I specialize in Gender, Sexuality, and Relationship Diversity -GSRD- a new broader term that encompasses the  LGBTQ+ community.

My coaching approach focuses on the whole person-  the body, mind, emotions, your energy and spiritual connection.  Directed by your needs- together we will create a roadmap to your goals!

No matter what your; gender or non-gender/ agender, cis or trans: its the Courageous internal Journey of going deep within, being open minded, (even with yourself); being a witness to yourself & telling your parts that they are allowed to exist and are valid. 


This allows acceptance of what is true for you in this present moment, and this can create Positive shifts in every area of your life.  When in Balance and when activated, has the ability to catapult your success with your true Authentic Self-Essence.


The Key to unlocking your full potential as a happy human is finding Balance in all your aspects in the present moment.

Golden Rae Coaching is sensitive to a variety of client needs. especially  with LGBTQ+,  HSPs (highly sensitive persons); conscious cosmic beings; and the neurodiverse. 

As a coaching professional and presenter, Golden Rae aims to deliver education, introspection and inspiration, leaving you with a deeper truth of Yourself.   

 Your new life begins here...


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