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Tier 1- Start Here for those who have a situation or area in their life that needs attention, so we figure out the gaps and remove the blocks for an easier, more understandable journey of life.  

Tier 2- UpLeveling Process for those with Dedication to Self Development and Strengthening  of the Light within be getting to know oneself


Tier 3 - Advanced for those wanting to go all the way with their own potential and their souls missions potential. 

Tier 1
Start Here

Welcome Friends!

Start Here for Clearing and assessing a plan to your goals.

Then you will be granted entry into Tier 2. 

Clearing Blocks, Programs, Looping, and so much more, we can give you a 'fresh start feeling' to challenges with a new perspective.

Come receive expert personalized care for you soul's next growth path. With 15 years Spiritual Response Therapy experience combined with  my unique gifts of seeing,  understanding  what is the actual root cause of the challenge, and then clearing a path  to release soul-mind programs & past life energies to allow You to move into full joy, harmony and prosperity.  

  • 80 min 1-on-1 video session    

  • 20 min Remote 1 WeekTouchup 



Smooth Sailing

Do you have a big event; or challenge coming up in your life?

This could be a wedding, a vacation, surgery or a stressful move across country.

So many life events could use the benefit of clearing out the most challenging boulders that are in front of you to leave the path clear for a more successful journey with ease and grace.


  • 80 min 1-on-1 video session

  • 20 min Remote Touch-Up clearing on the Special Day for Smooth Sailing


Discover how the balance of your Masculine and Feminine energies can empower you to achieve your aspirations and desires. Embracing your true self leads to a more cohesive being, which in turn fosters the realization of your dreams, as you draw from a complete and undivided stream of energy rather than a disjointed one.

Explore how certain aspects of yourself, including wounds, blocks, or ingrained patterns, may be causing internal conflict and disharmony. We can help you align with your greatest potential and the collective well-being, as we are all integral notes in the symphony of Earth and the universe beyond.

  • 80 min 1-on-1 video session

  • 20 min Remote 1 Week Touchup


Do you want to enrich and  remove obstacles to your present sexual enjoyment & fulfilling relationship to create your satisfied future.

You  set the agenda - any facet of in which you seek improvement, enhancement or expansion, or if you feel stuck, confused and unsure, unsupported or lost.

  • You will leave the session with hope and practical homework exercises for life improvement.

  • 75 min 1-on-1 video session 


Custom Session Creation

I will create a personalized program with the help of your spirit team that will be worth It's weight in Gold!  You will have the actions  and knowledge of the steps to be able to manifest what you need to obtain your most Successful Existence. 

By the end of the session, you will be equipped with hope, clear direction, a streamlined path, and actionable exercises for life enhancement.

  • 90 min 1-on-1 video session 

  • 20 min Remote 1 Week Touchup



IMBT Therapeutics

Embark on an enriching path with Expanded Triadic Integrative Mind Body Therapies Teams.

*Must have Dr. Susan Kaye's Pre-Approval.

  • 60 min 1-on-1 video session 


Tier 2
UpLeveling Process

This is the upLevel and upLOVE process of forming the best you. This is available after you engage the beginning  sessions.  

Our personal self is comprised of many parts that are all competing for the chief seat at your attention table. 

Create wholeness with an Internal Alignment parts work. This will allow an Inner-standing of your own parts and how they effect your present life.  Be more effective in all that you do by Harmonizing your parts around your own heart.

* Must have Exploratory Clearing 1st to removal  major limiting programs / blocks to prepare you for this.

 Pack (2) 80 min one-on-one video session with Energy Clearing

  • Sheet of your Internal Positions Restructuring/Redirection

  • 1 Week on my Group Daily  Clearing List 


This is a Journey of Internal Love to Reach External Love. If you know, you know.

Come reach balance within yourself and your relationship.

We will discuss how to melt your current challenges away and reach your goals.

  • Pack (2) 80 min one-on-one video sessions

  •  30+ min Spiritual Response Therapy Energy Clearing  to Remove Blocks, Promote Healing, Growth & Restoration

  • 1 Week of VIP spot on my Daily Energy Clearing Group for Stabilization, Integrations and Harmonization


Come boost your Inner-standing of Self, what are authentic desires & motivations. What are your true Heart-Song aspirations?

Lets explore the deeper truths to find the most authentic self expression powered by love and your own heartbeat. Align your different internal parts to your Heart-Song. Is there melody or discord? We will Harmonize your Song,  Chord, Pitch etc.

* Must have Exploratory Clearing 1st to removal  major limiting programs / blocks to prepare you for this.

  • Pack (2) 80 min one-on-one video sessions

  • Sheet of your positions progress

  • 1 Week on my Daily Energy Clearing Group



Daily Energy Clearing Group

Keeping you as Fresh and Clean as possible ~ With a Every-Day General Clearing! 

  • Remove Blocks,  Past Lives, Negative Motivations and other limits holding you back from  your potential. 

  •  Promote Healing, Growth & Restoration

  •  Stabilization, Integrations and Harmonization

Contact Me to book

Weekly Price   $111

Monthly Price  $333

Tier 3

This is the advanced Tier of Expansion.

Available after you complete the UpLeveling Process of Tier 2 

Stack Your own personal Spiritual team, built around your own heart song mission.

This is powerful cutting edge spiritual work, done with the individual consciousness'  that comprises the soul stream and the multi-dimensional realms to support the 3D human StarSeed to grow into a 5D StarTree.

Upon a restructure, your spiritual team will be aligned as the best guidance with foundations  pillar & essence energy support system. 

  • 90 min 1-on-1 video session

  • Sheet of your Teams positions  

  • 30 min check in video session  (1 week later)

  • 30 mins of Remote  Restructuring (Over a 3-6 day span, for integration reasons)

  • 2 Weeks of VIP spot on my Daily Energy Clearing Group


Your Higher Self will let me know if you are Ready for this


 Shadow Master

I will walk you through a personal shadow tour. Identify where the shadow roots in your life, soul stream, where they its coming from, how to recognize when its happening and how to overcome these challenges.

Big Emotions are a key guidepost for this work. 

Lets explore the deeper truths to find a way to relieve ourself of such burdens. You will feel better. Includes Self Protection Exercises. 

  • 90 min one-on-one video sessions

  • 30 min check in video session  (1 week later)

  • 2 Weeks on Daily Energy Clearing Group


This accelerated 3 Month  program boosts the creation path to find the catalysts to your Growth, Healing & Light Body Phoenix transformation. 

 Personized  plan that incorporates  all of my programs in the best order for your highest wellbeing. You will be provided with Daily spiritual boost for the most nurturing environment for your growth.

  • 90 min 1-on-1 first video session 

  • Precise Custom program created upon intake and assessment of needs

  • Weekly 50 min coaching video calls

  • 3 month VIP spot on my Daily Energy Clearing Group List   

$4688 (22+ hours, 3 months)

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